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Sautéed Edamame

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Sautéed Edamame

Edamame beans are whole and immature soybeans sometimes referred to as vegetable-type soybeans. Regular soybeans are typically light brown, tan, or beige. The difference between soybeans and edamame is their level of maturity when harvested. There are many different ways to cook Edamame. Chef Eliana dishes up an incredible dish of Sautéed Edamame, sautéed in

Sautéed Kale with Arugula

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Sauteéd Kale with Arugula

I love Sautéed Kale with Arugula as a side dish. It is so yummy! Did you know that kale is also known as leaf cabbage? It is a plant variety grown for its edible leaves. Just like broccoli, cauliflower, Brussel sprouts, collard greens, and of course, cabbage, kale is a cruciferous vegetable. It is incredibly