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Cool Kids Cook Radio Show #97 – Interview with Swamp Pop

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Swamp Pop

This week, I interviewed John Peterson and Collin Cormier of Swamp Pop.

Swamp Pop is a pure cane soda created by John Petersen and Collin Cormier of Viva la Waffle food truck, Swamp Pop comes in five flavors. Noble Cane Cola is enhanced with the flavor of Louisiana figs; Satsuma, named after the citrus fruit available in back yards all over Acadiana; Praline Cream Soda, a buttery sweet confection that tastes like pralines in a bottle; Jean Lafitte Ginger Ale in honor of the area’s notorious pirate, blending crisp cucumbers with spicy ginger; and Ponchatoula Pop Rouge, inspired by sweet, Ponchatoula strawberries. Sweetened with sugarcane, Swamp Pop calls to mind old-fashioned sodas and also comes in a glass bottle for extra nostalgia.

Kid Chef Eliana with Swamp Pop Rouge

Kid Chef Eliana with Swamp Pop Ponchatoula Pop Rouge

“A Tisket A Tasket What’s Inside My Basket?”

Today’s secret ingredient is Liquid Smoke. Here is a recipe for my Pepper Steak with Gravy.” This dish is great to throw together a meal for the family.

“Figure Out This Food!”

I have a game on my Facebook page called “Figure Out This Food.” I post a close-up of a food item and the first three guesses get a shout-out here. Congratulations to J.D Breaux and Mel Davenport for guessing “Sage.” The photo was actually of pineapple sage from my garden!

Pineapple Sage

Pineapple Sage

“Snacktivity Time”

It’s Snacktivity Time! Here, I give you fun easy breezy snack ideas. Today’s Snacktivity is… Swamp Pop Cola Float.” This is a really simple float, but the Praline Cream Soda just makes it the best!

“Creative Cuisine”

This is my recipe for Chocolate Swamp Pop Cola Cupcakes.” These cupcakes have a great flavor with the addition of the cola and the glaze tops it off perfectly!

“Kitchen Crafts!”

Here is a fun kitchen-related craft. Today’s kitchen craft is how to make a “Soda Bottle Beach Vase.”

Soda Bottle Vase

Soda Bottle Beach Vase

1 glass soda bottle
1 c. sand
Sea decorations like sea glass or shells
Hot glue
Single stem artificial flower

Step 1: Using a funnel, pour sand into a soda bottle.
Step 2: Hot glue sea shell or other sea decoration onto the glass bottle.
Step 3: Place flower inside. Enjoy!

That’s all for this week!

Bon Appetit,
Kid Chef Eliana

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