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Spice It Up! Seasonings • Chef Eliana
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Spice It Up! Creole

Spice It Up! Seasonings

Chef Eliana award-winning chef, cookbook author, and former radio show host, is the 2016 Food Network Chopped Teen Grand Champion. The tournament had 16 teens battling for a cash prize of $25,000. Chef Eliana won the finale, which aired on Tuesday, September 20, 2016. With her prize money, Eliana realized her dream of starting her own spice company.

Chopped - Eliana

Eliana says, “It’s still hard to believe that I won. It’s really surreal. I am so excited to be able to launch my new line of spices called “Spice It Up.” The first seasoning blend I am debuting is my Creole blend. It’s a family-friendly blend that is less spicy and less salty than most Creole seasonings on the market. I am so grateful to my family, friends, school, and community for supporting me.”

Her hometown of New Orleans is the inspiration for this delicious stovetop-to-tabletop seasoning. It’s perfect for blackening meat and fish and cooking eggs, pasta, and everything in between. With less salt and less heat, it’s a blend the whole family can enjoy.