Teen Chef Cooks

My new cookbook, TEEN CHEF COOKS, is out!

The new book has 80+ brand new recipes to help inspire you in the kitchen. I focused on seasonal ingredients to show you how you and your family can eat healthy no matter the time of year. The book is available for pre-order wherever books are sold.

More than 80 fresh, flavorful, seasonal recipes from award-winning chef and the 2016 Chopped Teen Grand Champion, Eliana de Las Casas.

With her newest book, Chef Eliana inspires kids, teens, and families to embrace seasonal cooking and to use fresh, local ingredients when possible. Eliana is particularly in tune with seasonal cooking–she has been working with and performing live cooking demos at farmers’ markets for many years. Arranged by season (spring, summer, fall, and winter) each section of the book will have 20 recipes showcasing the best ingredients of that season. The recipes are divided by ingredient, so with arugula available in the spring, you can make an easy skillet lasagna. Use watermelon in the summer to create Watermelon Panzanella, in the fall, bake extra apples into an inside-out apple pie, and winter cabbage for Latin Slaw will warm you up in the colder months. Eliana’s mission is to inspire families to cook creatively for themselves and to gain skill and experience in the kitchen so that they live healthier lives.

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